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LED Lighting

BELECTRIX provides design supply and installation of LED lighting solutions to business of all sizes as well as in domestic sector. We will come to your site, study your lighting needs and design the best LED lighting system to help you save energy by up to 90%, lower your carbon footprint and create more pleasend inviroment!


Why Switch to LED Lighting?

Whatever your reasons are – going green, saving your energy costs or following the latest technology trends – LED is the new buzz word in the lighting world.

On average UK businesses and households use up to 35% of their electricity consumption just on lighting, so switching all lighting to an LED model can help companies anf families to cut their fixed costs dramatically. Lighting bills can be reduced by up to 90% and a quick payback of the initial investment can be achieved thanks to the great energy efficiency of LED lighting.


LED helps to lessen global CO2 emissions and lower your home’s or business’s carbon footprint. The long life of LEDs means they are replaced less often, which helps reduce landfill. A truly green solution.

 Fire Safety

Another great thing about LED lighting is that the lamp produces no ultraviolet or infrared radiation (no heat is emitted), so LED’s remain cold  and this reduce the potential for safety risks such as burns and fires – a great security feature.


LED lights are offered in a variety of base colors such as Red, Green, Blue and Amber. Because traditional incandescent light bulbs use filters to produce colors, they are extremely inefficient. LEDS can be blended together to produce millions of color options.

Belectrix team installed LED strip lights during renovation of my house. Loving and enjoying it since then as it gives me ability to change colours as I want and makes sugnificant savings.
Charls Corner
Used Belectrix services several times for my household electrical needs. Especially like LED Floodlights installed around my house and garden which ensures reduced energy bills and lamp replacement costs. Very pleased with the completed work and would have no hesitation in recommending Belectrix team to anyone else.
Graham Brown

Our electricians are dedicated to getting the job done right. We want to ensure that your electrical systems are running safely.

Belectrix Ltd Part P qualified and insured , this means that all  electrical work we carry out for our clients is completed to current BS7671 standards, also known as the 17th Edition wiring regulations. We supply Part P certifications for every compleated project.